Frequently Asked Questions

Can this software be used to find partition files on external hard drives?

Partition Find and Mount can work with any storage device, including IDE, SATA SCSI hard drives. It will also work with external hard drives and flash devices attached via USB or FireWire port.

The program has found and mounted my lost partition with all files on it. However, after rebooting my computer, the mounted partition disappeared. Is this normal?

This is absolutely normal. Partition Find and Mount is designed to allow you to recover files from lost partitions by temporary mounting those partitions in read-only mode, thus allowing you to use standard applications to copy files. It is not designed to be a permanent fix for a partition, since that would require altering disk partition table, which is not always safe. After you copied all data off damaged partitions, you can re-partition the original hard drive with Windows Disk Manager and copy all data back.

The program has found and mounted my lost partition, but when I try to open that partition in Windows Explorer, Windows shows an error message.

This may happen if the file system on that partition has significant damage. You may try re-scanning the hard drive by using Full scan option, you may have better results. If scanning in Full mode does not help, then you would need to use a file recovery tool (as opposed to partition recovery tool).

I am trying to run Partition Find and Mount under Windows Safe boot, but getting error 1084.

This happens because Windows Safe Mode prevents Partition Find and Mount to load and start its drivers and services. This is the way Windows Safe Mode works, therefore you cannot use Partition Find and Mount under Safe Boot. Please use normal boot option when using Partition Find and Mount.

When I run Partition Find and Mount under Windows Vista, I receive the following error: Service Manager could not be opened. Error Code: 5.

Please right-click the Partition Find and Mount icon, browse to Compatibility and set "Run as Administrator" checkbox.

Sometimes I get the following error message: "Exception Processing Message c00000a3", what does it mean?

This message may appear if you do not have a floppy drive and at the same time floppy drive is enabled in BIOS setup. If you disable the floppy device in BIOS, you will get rid of that message.

I have created an image, what should I do next to recover my data?

You do not have to create images in order to access your data. Please see this page for an explanation on how Partition Find and Mount works: Partition Find and Mount Tour.

Images are meant to be created if you'd like to make a sector-by-sector copy of the current state of the hard drive or a partition to be able to continue working with it without the need to have the original hard drive. You can open images with Partition Find and Mount with "Open Image" button. If an image contains no valid partitions, you may then scan it like a normal hard drive.

When I am trying to copy files off mounted partition, I receive an error message: "X:\ refers to a location that is unavailable".

If you get error messages when copying files off from a lost partition, then please try to use right-click and "Send To..." menu item for the files you'd like to copy.

I am getting the following error message: "Device driver service could not be started. Error Code 557, program will terminate."

Partition Find and Mount requires a 32-bit operating system. Unfortunately, our software does not function under 64-bit OS.