How to Use

Partition Find and Mount is an easy to use software that locates and mounts lost partitions in read-only mode, thus allowing you to safely access them with any file manager, including Windows Explorer.

All versions of NTFS and FAT file systems are supported.

Finding partitions

Partition Find and Mount finds lost or deleted partitions by scanning the storage device and looking for specific signatures that represent the beginning of a partition.

Partition Find and Mount does not rely on the information stored in the Master Boot Record (MBR), thus allowing you to find partitions even in case you repartition your drive.

However, Partition Find and Mount will not work if the file system on the lost partition is severely damaged or if the hard drive itself has a physical damage.

There are three different methods of scanning the drive available in Partition Find & Mount:

  1. Fast intellectual scan
  2. Normal scan
  3. Thorough scan

Fast Intellectual Scan

Fast intellectual scan works best if the drive is repartitioned or if MBR is the only structure that is damaged.

The specific of this method is the following: when a valid partition is found, the process automatically resumes from the end of the found partition. This greately improves the speed of the process. Scanning the whole hard drive using this method takes just seconds.

We recommend to use this method since it is fast and reliable enough.

Normal Scan

While scanning with Normal Scan option, Partition Find and Mount checks all areas of the disk where standard partitioning tools are allowed to place the beginning of a partition. An example of a standard partitioning tool is the Windows Disk Manager.

It takes 1 to 5 minutes to complete the search.

This method may not find partitions that were created using some non-standard partitioning tools.

Thorough Scan

Thorough scan will look into every sector of the drive while searching for valid partitions. This is the most complete method and it can take up to several hours to complete.

It is recommended to use this method if the Normal Scan produce no usable results.

Mounting partitions

After Scan finishes, you will see the full list of found partitions. Now, you can add any found partition to the system by mounting and assigning a letter to it.

All partitions are mounted in the read-only mode. You won't be able to alter files on such partitions, but only to copy files off that partition. This guarantees that the data cannot be altered by the operating system or any software (including malware).

Creating and using disk images

Partition Find and Mount allows you to create a binary image of any partition. You can also create an image of an entire hard drive. These images can be used later for scanning and mounting the same way it is done for generic hard drives.

To create an image, select a disk or partition and click "Create Image" button.

To scan an image instead of a hard drive, you can click "Open Image" button. Choosen image file will be added to the list of disk drives as a separate hard drive. Now you can scan it and mount any found partition.