This page contains all testimonials that were submitted by our happy customers.

“Thought I\'d lost all my backups, music and videos after trying almost everything. Was thinking of formatting but tried this little nifty software and remounted the lost partitions witihn seconds. Sorted! Cheers guys”


“What a great little program. PF&M came through for me on multiple occasions when others let me down. Other high dollar recovery suites gave me corrupt data or no results at all. You guys really saved me. The only change I would like is a switch to have read/write permissions. Thank You!”

John H.

“Dear geniuses, thank you very much for your application "Partition Find and Mount" - it have saved my reputation! It is so easy to use and so greatly working, that I cannot still believe it. Thank you very much for that!”


“Thanks for Find and Mount Pro. After spending 5 WEEKS with VMWare trying to recover a lost -flat.vmdk file from their VMFS file system on ESXi, they told me it couldn't be recovered. I decided to go my own way. Find and Mount found the Windows partition within the -flat.vmdk file (inside the VMFS) within minutes, and after a VERY painless upgrade to Find and Mount Pro, I have just recovered 350GB of data VMWare told me was unrecoverable!

Please advertise to others the possibility of recovering flat.vmdk images with your product - there are many forum entries on VMWare's site for people with similar issues to mine!

Regards and many thanks!”


“Thank you so much, i just dont know how to express my gratitude to you. This program beats even 200$ valued softs.”


“I uploaded a windows update and when I re-booted my computer my valuable data drive dissappeared. Found Partition Find and Mount, and in less than 10 minutes, my data drive was back and working! This is a great product! Five Stars! Highly recommended! Thank you!”

V Hong

“You saved my life!! Somehow my external USB drive lost its partition during a Windows installation to the internal drive (perhaps it was human error?!) in any case I was in deep shock when I thought I had lost 10 years of my life (and many important documents). First I tried "Recover My Files" and I thought my troubles were over, but the very first files I looked at after recovery had slight corruption. Simple text files suddenly contained "typos", so how could I trust the integrity of files that I couldn't actually "read" with my own eyes? If text docs had errors then God only knows what corruption there could be in large .exe files etc. After that not-so-good experience with Recover My Files I tried Partition Find And Mount. First of all it is MUCH simpler, it took far less time to find my files on the drive, and I haven't seen any of the corruption issues I saw with Recover My Files. I paid for the Pro license and it was worth every penny. Thank You so much for saving my life!! You are AWESOME!!!!”

Neil Matthews

“A friend of mine did a fix MBR on their external backup drive by accident. After this the drive was inaccessible. I tried lots of partition fix apps to fix the partition but none of them could. With this product I have managed to mount the partition and copy all the files off onto another drive. Excellent!”


“I don't even know what to say except...WOW and THANK YOU! I spent 11 hours scanning a 500GB external HD and about 2 days total trying other software, plus an evening with my computer expert friend, and was left with no hope for the external hard drive I accidentally formatted. I tried this product and within 5 MINUTES I had access to ALL my data, completely intact, with absolutely no effort on my part. It actually made me angry at the other products for making it so complicated and wasting so much of my time. This is the equivalent of a miracle drug for PC users. Thanks again!”

Absolutely Speechless

“The moment I deleted my data drive by mistake I thought I lost everything I gathered for the last decade but thanks to partition find and mount I got everything back, may be saying thanks is a small world..”


“I was lost almost 500 GB of personal data in a wrong operation on my pc. "Find and Mount" recovered all material. I, then, bought de PRO version! Thans a lot to every member of Atolatech! Your software is very good! Wonderful! Congratulations!”


“Wow, what a extraordinary software!!! It found mounted a partition, wich was deleted by mistake.I tried 2 days and nights to recover them with other tools, but Partition Find and Mount did the same job in a view seconds! Respect.”


“I had a 320GB hardrive partition in 2 sections. The primary partition for some reason just went out and read unformatted. I panicked because i had 149GB of data on that partition, itunes library, software the whole shabang. i came across your sodtware and said "what the hell lets see if it works". Man i downloaded your software, installed it and in two minutes my partition was restored. AMAZING Pleas keep up the good work there are a lot of software out there that just take your money and doesn't work. ALL HAIL TO PARTITION FIND AND MOUNT !!!!!!”



I used the non-Pro version. The total recovery process (3 partitions) demanded about 18hs. I go to sleep then go to work and when I returned my data was recovered. Wonderful software, Congratulations.”


“So I was in the bathroom sick as well as crying when I realized I had my flash drive plugged into a computer I was re-formating and reloading. I accidentally deleted the partition on the flash drive which has about 9 years of my life on it. Yes, I know about backups and I was going to do one but I kept saying 'when I re-organize the files on the flash drive I'll do a backup'. I was so sick about deleting the partition that I wanted to drink my sorrows away until I found a review about a couple of specific partition recovery software. This one was highly recommended so I tried it. Like some other folks in about 5 minutes or less I downloaded the software, scanned for the deleted partition, recovered the partition and was on my way to making a backup. I cried again once I saw the files were recovered. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I can't express my gratitude enough. I'm definately telling everyone about this software.”

“Thank You So Much! I am the computer geek of the family and I was able to recover my sisters most treasured pictures and videos using find and mount. This, after trying several other costly software. Costly in time and money! Thank you for preserving my geek status of my family.”


“Wow! its just superb!! Thank you a lot. Find & Mount is really awasome. i could find all my partition which was deleted (but not formatted) during XP Instalation. I was scared very much!!!......but Find & Mount took me out of this difficulty...This is very good job keep it on.”

Chandrashekhar Amdapurkar

“I dont know anything about computers so when i saw that all my files are gone, I almost tried thinking i can never have them again, I've tried different software but nothing helped me. Then i saw partition find and Mount and it recovered all my files. It's so easy and fast, I feel like a computer expert now. Thank you so much”

“Thanks for such a software that too free of cost..It helped me alot in recovering a partition which i had deleted by mistake....Once again thanking the whole crew behind this software...”


“I would just like to say how appreciative I am to you for your program. I have an external western digital hard that was divided into two equal partitions. I recently took it to a friends place and copied around 300 gig worth of programs and data to it. When I tried to connect it to my pc, for some reason unknown, both partitions had been corrupted and could not be read.

I tried all the file recovery programs I have, but nothing worked properly. The data that was recovered was half missing and did not work.

I found your program and thought I would try it. So far I have recovered approximately 90% of what I thought was lost forever and everything works perfectly.

The fact that your program is free is even more incredible and I would definitely purchase it, if there was a cost involved, knowing that it works so well. I cannot thank you enough and I would highly recommend your program to anyone in a similar situation.”


“After spending some hours using another program to trawl through, and return an unsuccessful recovery attempt. FaM found it in a few minutes & allowed me to backup my files. I'm very impressed, thank you!”

Stuart K.

“This software is just the best out there. I tried many tools even tools that costs many many dollars and without no result.as i repair damaged computers i know what works an this is an topper! very nice!”


“Absolutely brilliant! i wish all software worked like this!”

Colin Burgess

“Hi, I have written a small article about Partition Find & Mount on my blog. You can find it here: http://computelogy.com/2009/09/recover-lost-partitions-with-partition-find-mount.html

Tech Geek

“I can use all my partitions again. All of them. Thank you very much! Bravo!”


“I had important info on my HD that I could not recover because computer only recognized 3gb of a 80g HD. I tried about seven recovery programs including partition recovery software with agonizing results. I must have scanned the HD in question for 3 days a total of 72 hrs with unsatisfactory results. As a final measure (not especting it to work) I ran the Find and Mount software which was amoung my many downloads. It took one minute total for me to install the program, run it, then mount and restore my unallocated 74GB of information that existed on my lost partition. All I had to do is copy and paste my recovered files to My Documents and I was good to go. Find and Mount did just that and saved my you know what in the process!”


“Unbelievably easy. Found missing partition, assigned it a drive letter and then launched it in windows explorer with all files intact! Robocopying the files over to a spare as we speak. Brilliant!”

William B

“I 'kicked' my extern HD to the floor while copying files and it got smashed up. I lost 650 gb of files. I tried some programs that I found on the net, but they coudn't help me. Then I saw a review in the pc-magazine about findand mount. It work directly.. I recovered 320 gb in 7 days before something ended the transfer...And I was so happy that I've saved half of it! Then I bought the PRO-licence and I recovered the same amount of GBs in hours!! THANK YOU!! BEST BUY!!!”

Tomas Rundqvist

“I was Blown Away!!!

I wasn't paying attention and while re-installing Windows, I accidentally deleted the primary partition on the wrong a hard drive.

With Find and Mount I was able to locate the affected hard drive, identify its deleted partion, mount it to a drive letter and recover its contents to another hard drive....is just under a minute. Nothing short of amazing!!!”

Bob Sintzel

“I stumbled upon this during my frantic search to get my data from NTFS partition.

A really great utility, amazing results. To some it may be a slow process to copy data. To me, so long as you got all your data,its worth the wait.

I have created a blog after this experience of mine. You can view the same at pisolutions.blogspot.com

I wish your company all the best.”

“What a brilliant bit of software! I love this for a few reasons.

1 - It is VERY easy to use.

2 - It stomps on another software I paid $30 for and was overcomplicated, slow and cumbersome to use (and also more risky)

3 - The free edition simply limits your data transfer rate rather than scans your computer and lets you do nothing with it.

This thing has saved me days of work!... And now my sister's too!”


“PF&F did EXACTLY what I needed after the MBR on my drive was corrupted during recovery from a Trojan disinfection and I got an invalid partition message. All my key data was subsequently recovered. While I could have made do with the free version, I feel compelled to upgrade to the pro version to recognize and compensate you for this simple but highly effective tool. And I have it in my toolbox should this happen again.”

Rick Park

“Works like a charm. Took me less than five minutes to download, install and recover the last partition.

I had stored all my data on a separate partition. When I reinstalled XP Pro from a very early version dvd, it deleted all partitions and created a 127 GB new partition.

Thanks to you, I could recover the data partition with a simple click ! I had not seen another disk management / data recovery tool that worked so well and with such perfection!”

Shiv Anand

“I didn't know we have such brilient guys working very hard for the community. I want to say thank you very much for the software you people have designed. It was so simple to use and very effective. Keep up your effort and we value your hard work. I am saved. Once again thank you very much!!!!”

Karma Galey

“Its really wonderful, it took seconds to find the disk's partition. I thanked God when it worked and i wish to thank you also, i got all my data.”


“You just saved my life! OK I screwed-up and almost lost 160GB of everything imaginable - due to a deleted partition but your software found it and I'm now safely restoring "my life". Thank You!”

Michael In Clearwater, FL

“WOW! amazing, it recovered my data where no other programs could access it or recover it for free. A must try if nothing seems to be working with you. In my case windows recognized the disk but told me it wasn't formatted. A couple of clicks with this software and it was restores so windows can access it. After lots of software which failed this one was my saviour. It saved me lots of money as well. A big thank you to everyone who helped to make this software from me.”

Ian Ranson

“The best sorftware to read a 'damaged' partition. Even if your OS cant read or use a partition, ParitionFindAndMount DO IT! and it detect my RAID0 config. Thanks for this wonderful soft.”

“I'm tryin to access my raid harddrive with another recovery tools, but the result is always take along time. But, with Find & Mount I can access more fast & quickly than I thought. Good job & keep on... :)”

Jemmy Surya

“I can't thank you enough for designing and providing this product. During a re-format of my internal hard drive I accidentally erased the partition information on my external hard drive. I tried using 14 other products unsuccessfully before finding yours and it worked PERFECTLY! It saved almost 100GB of data that I was afraid was lost forever. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!!”

Rob Smith

“This is a great product. It was quick and picked up files that other recovery software did not detect. Thanks so much.”

Tim Edmonds

“I had to send you guys this email as a thanks. I accidentally made a booboo with my MBR and after searching for days and asking a multitude of people, I stumbled onto your prog.

I didn't have much hope but it worked!! Saved a lot of my personal and work files. Really really appreciate this. I will spread the word to all.”


“I used your software. It is just great. You just survived and recovered my only 7 month old daughter picture. I have lost my language to thank you. Your software is just great.”

Khan Mahmud Hasanat

“Was formating my pc and by a dumb mistake i deleted the USB HD backup partition. Was so scared cause 10 years of work was there. When i tried Partition find and mount and could read my files again i stayed so happy that in the same time i bought the pro version, thanks sirs. You guys rulez!”

Diego Cione

“Your software is awesome. I was reinstalling WinXP on my sons computer and left the ext backup drive hooked to it. Wasn't paying close attention and accidentally deleted the partition on the ext drive. I noticed it before I formatted it, and luckily found Find & Mount. In a very short time I had window open on another computer with all my files from the ext drive ready to drag and drop copy to another ext drive. That 250G ext drive had all my backups for years on it. Thank you so much.”

Larry Miller, Sr

“Thank you very very much for putting this great software on the internet.

I was able to find my work back even after a boot record loss and after re-installation of windows xp. I tried about 15 other programs that did not work, yours did. Really great!!!!! THANKS!”

Harrie Van Vliet

“Hello, I just wanted to let you know that your product has been incredibly helpful in recovering a corrupt partition from a hard drive. I appreciate all the hard work that's gone into making this program and wish you all the best.”

Mr J Billingham

“It really took my breath. My hdd crashed and tried out dozens of software with no luck. Either they lock features for money or no capabilities or fails after a long try. Your software just did a magic and mounted the partitions successfully within minutes. Great software and hats off to development team :) keep rocking”

J Karthikeyan

“I really want to thank you deeply from the bottom of my heart! It's 4:02 am thursday april the 9th 2009 I just formatted my computer with my 1.5 terra bytes of external hardrive and I lost everything! Didn't know what happened but I was panicking and ready to tears simply of all close to 1terra of info on my disk! I didnt know what to do until I found your program. It recovered 100% of all my files and downloads! You guys truly are miracle workers! Your program is priceless! You bring me back my santy again! Thank you a million times! May you always be bless thx.”


“I recently broke my leg and while on pain meds accidentally deleted the partition on my external backup drive! I thought all hope was lost until I ran across Find and Mount. Not only was I able to recover my files, but it did it with impressive speed...41GB of data in only 44 minutes! This is absolutely worth the $43. Thanks so much.”

William Carter


Free, effective, easy, user-friendly. What else could one ask for? You saved my working day. Great tool!”


“Just wanted to say thanks! For a great prog. Saved me hours of work with a corrupted flash drive. Have used other freeware and "shareware" utilities that don't even begin to work, and have even damaged data in the past to a point that i have had to do forensic recovery on. A friend recommended Partition Find and Mount, and i'm adding it to my fav programs. Will be contacting to find out about tech license. Thanks again for a great program.”


“You know that sick feeling you get when you accidently erase a file? Well, I felt 250G worse when I goofed.

My main drive crashed so I removed it from the PC to access it with an external adapter on another PC. I was able to repartition and format the drive. I put it back in the PC and ran XP installation.

I forgot that I had reconnected my secondary drive and when it showed up in the Windows partition setup I thought the main drive somehow was showing two partitions so naturally I told it to delete the 2nd partition.

Thats when that sick feeling suddenly over took me, realizing my secondary drive partition just evaporated.

Your software worked like a charm. I was able to completely recover everything.

A godsend as that drive had plenty of A/V files that are irreplaceable.

On my knees, thanking you...”

“Simply, the best software ever seen! Small and efficient. Thanks!”


“Accidentally removed a couple partitions when removing a Linux install, and was able to recover all the data I thought I had lost. I am quite impressed with the Find and Mount utility.”


“I was in the process of rebuilding my system, because it's Microsoft (XP) so you have to do that ever so often. I was being impatient and decided to just delete everything but my data and just reinstall Windows without reformatting the drive. (It works pretty well I have done it before). But something went wrong and my partition disappeared. I was freaking. I booted and few different Linuxlive recovery CD's and found nothing but a FAT12 part. I downloaded Hirens bootcd and fired up your software and 2-3 minutes later I was copying the lost data to a backup drive. That is still going to take a few hours (I have a LOT of data.) but I willbe back in business. I even tried a trial copy of OnTrack that didn't seem to want to find it. Thank you so much, very impressive piece of software!!!!”

Mark Berry

“I have no other word but "Thank You so so so much!" for Partition Find and Mount. I was working on my boss' laptop when I accidentally formatted the hard drive where My boss had a lot of file He was working on. I thought it was gone forever. Unbelievable! installed Partition find and mount free edition yesterday and was able to recover all data.

This Partition Find and Mount software found the partition in less than a minute and opened up entire contents in just a couple minutes. Thank you, thank you!


Sirjon Busalo

“So, from one day to another i couldn't start up windows, nothing... My 80GB hdd was dead. Didn't know what happened. I had a novel in the process of writing there. Mounted the hdd as a slave on another computer and it read: 0 bytes !!! searching the internet, somewhat hopelessly, i found this program and gave it a try: in 5 minutes (full scan) it found my hdd and i could back up everything. THANK YOU, thank you, thank you. Greetings from peru!!!”


“One more happy customer. Find and Mount found and mounted my partitions with all files recovered. Thank you so much for the help!”

Joseph McEvoy

“You are to be congratulated. Your free product completely blew the doors in on the big name, high dollar competition !!”

Joe S

“My laptop HDD crashed on me and I could not access it even using the USB casing. After breaking my head for a week using other softwares, I was finally on the verge of giving up when I found Find & Mount. I was able to access the data within 2 minutes. Awesome software guys! Keep it up.”

Harish S

“I downloaded the free Find & Mount program after losing a partition on my drive which contained almost two years worth of work. The program did exactly what it said it would. It located the partition and allowed me to assign a letter to it, access the files, and copy them onto a different hard drive. Thank you so much for this program. I was able to recover all of my very important files thanks to this program.”


“Simple yet powerfull, no other program found my lost partition, even after almost 24h scanning of whole disk, but fortunately PF&M recover all my files within 30 minutes... Best recovery software i ever used.”

Tomasz Grembecki

“Want to thank you guys for your program. I accidentally deleted my room mates external hard drive partition. Thankfully I came across your program and I was able to recover it perfectly.”

Sean Y.

“Folks, you are just great!!

Thanks, thanks, thank you!!



“This piece of software is $1,000 worth! It really saved me life.

Thank you so much...”

Rin, Japan

“Just a quick note to say thank you! The best $44.00 I ever spent.

While installing Windows Vista, I accidentally deleted the partition on the wrong drive. I lost all the data that I backed up to reinstall on the Vista OS drive. I had hundreds of family and vacation photos. I was going to take the drive to the geek squad. But tried this. I am sure you saved me a ton of money.

Thanks again”

John Nelson

“By the hair of my chinny chin chin! Thanks for the fantastic programme. Worked a treat and in no time at all. I had accidentally deleted a partition on a spare drive and Partition Find and Mount found it in less than 2 minutes. I'm now in the process of copying the restored data into a new location. Wonderful stuff.”


“You are wonderful. Your relatively small sized program is wonderful. Windows 2000 adv. server sp4 installed on my 160 gb hd with 11 partitions crashed. I lost 40+ gb of my single copy very important archive. For 3.5+ months I tried lots of recovery programs some of which are expensive and huge sized. They saw only the 1st partition which was unimportant. None of them could see the rest 10 partitions.

3 days ago I met your program while hopelessly searching the internet. It was the miracle :-) I was looking for! It saw all the partitions. I recovered all of my lost single copy very important archieve very easily without any problem. (It only failed to copy the files from 2nd partition which was not important at all).

I became extremely happy! I wanted to kiss you :-). Thank you very much! Congratulations for this great program.”


“After buying and trying O****** Ea********** with no success I tried a whole battery of open source and freeware tools... Then I found PFM and it worked!!! It recovered my 12 year old SCSI UW drive in less than 10 minutes!!! Thank you so much!!!”

Rob Mesens

“Many thanks, installed Partition find and mount free edition yesterday and was able to recover all data from a 320Gb hard drive, when other softwares had failed. Your software has to be the best, it is fool proof and easy to use.”

Rob Dowdall

“After formatting my C partition and reinstalling windows, I booted up my PC and found all other partitions (On a 500gb drive) gone. It containted personal pictures, job applications, thousands of songs, saves for games, you name it! I tried different programs for 2 days, and was about to give up when I randomly found Find and mount. It took about 2 minutes to scan my drive, and 10 seconds for me to realise that EVERYTHING I thought I had lost, was still there... Every little byte of it. I quickly copied everything I wanted to keep back on the C drive, formatted the other partitions and copied the files back. Great program, one of very few programs worth spending money on.”

Mikal Svendsen

“I am in the middle of transferring files I thought I'd lost forever! This software is so easy, even I can do it! External hard drive was not recognized and would not open up following a horrible clicking sound. This Partition Find and Mount software found the partition in less than a minute and opened up entire contents in just a couple minutes. Unbelievable! Best free software that was ever given to me! MANY THANKS!”


“Just wanted to say "Thank You!" for Partition Find and Mount. I was working on a friend's hard drive when I accidentally deleted the partition on a hard drive where I had a LOT of programming code I was working on. Thought it was gone for good.

Not any more! I'm copying it to another drive as I type this! Thank you, thank you!

Awesome job!”

Darrell Fox

“What a simple, effective interface! THANK YOU!”

Bill F

“I knew I had a partition problem, but nothing I could find could help me make absolutely sure that was the issue, until I found your software. Like magic it showed the drive that up to that point was invisible, and unmountable. Now that I'm sure it's there i know what to do.”

“Hi. After hunting for tools to recover data on a no longer booting XP disk, I found your site from http://www.partition-recovery-software.net/ and downloaded the home version.

It was so easy to run, although it only found 3 of 4 partitions in intellectual scan mode (found all in normal scan).

I knew the partitions were still good, so being able to mount them as a drive was perfect!

I copied the data from a single directory - just exactly what I wanted. I immediately upgraded to the pro version to get the fast speed as I have over 100GB data to recover and it's works beautifully!”

Antony Bowesman

“My computer has been crashing lately, and the last time I tried to "fix" things, I accidentally deleted the partition off my external back-up drive. Since this drive had EVERYTHING on it, I was mortified. I just finished downloading, installing and running your program and it worked BEAUTIFULLY! I am currently copying all the files onto another hard drive so I can have full access. At 170 GB or so, it will take a while, but that's a small inconvenience for what could have happened. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PRODUCT!”

Dan Long

“I am an independent film director and had my latest feature film (still being edited) on one hard drive. This is thousands of dollars of work which seemed to be lost. Partition Find and Mount fixed my drive and I will be eternally grateful. Now if it could only restore all my pulled hair.”

Zamir Merali

“External USB-drive suddenly recognized as "not formatted", downloaded "Find and Mount", a few clicks and feel happy again. Great, thanks a lot and now let's have a look at "Find and Mount Pro".”

“Had on board SATA chipset issues (both onboard Intel and Promise controller based) on my Asus 875P chipset motherboard. Eventually the 300 gig samsung with 2 partitions decided not to boot or be recognised in Windows XP.

Thankfully the most valuable family movies and photos (including those who had died) I had backed up elsewhere, otherwise I would have been distraught as other members of my family were waiting to see them from different countries.

I worked out that I had spent about 5 working days trying to fix this and recover some of this data. That's because all of the apps so far wanted to go through EVERY sector on a 300gb hard drive.

That takes a LONG time, only having to go through another avenue which goes through the whole process again.

I found that strange with my previous (limited) knowledge of Ntfs. I read the Founder's blog and that seemed to concur with my knowledge.

I KNEW the data was there as I had dealt with MFT issues back in NT days before but not had much success with data recovery.

Tried a LOT of progs on the net, some famous ones and 2 famous freeware ones. Lot's of obscure DOS progs. One of the DOS "fronted" ones concluded that it couldn't fix the NTFS MFT, the $MFT and $MFTMirr BOTH seemed to be corrupt (??)

I read a review comparing various partition recovery tools and this one came out top and it was free as well (with certain restrictions).

I had just come home from a job and emailed myself the link to Partition Find and Mount. The PC didn't need to be rebooted and I had left it running with another program 6 hours earlier (I had run it ANOTHER time for 4 hours at 3am the night before on another setting, but with no joy).

I called my friend on the phone about various matters and while I spoke to him I told him about the prog I was using incidentally and what I had done in the last 24hrs to try and retrieve the data. I selected quick scan chuckling that a quick scan would hardly be worth it as IF it did find any data, it would take hours at least and then I'd have to try another approach.

I clicked quick and then was in shock: BOTH partitions were visible AND mountable ! Literal quote from me, still on the 'phone (quick gasp) "I am utterly dumbfounded, but it's found it ! Both partitions ! Even on quick setting !"

My friend asked "Can you get into them ?" I held my breath and entered the mounted volumes and opened up a jpeg "Wow, everything's there..it works. I am absolutlely speechless"

I then sent the link of Partition Find and Mount to him.

1 hour later, I've installed my new HDD and decided to transfer the data across that was now accessible. Then I actually BOUGHT the Pro product. IT techs NEVER buy utils (esp. self employed ones for banks and govt., like me), but this one is WORTH it.

I hate writing/typing but this is one product that I will happily endorse forever.”

Mr Shuhel Ali, UK

“I want to thanks you for your excellent product. I accidentally booted up my XP system with the CAP LIMIT jumper on my MAXTOR 250GB drive. (I thought it was the MASTER jumper). XP all of a sudden sees my 250GB drive as a 128GB RAW partition and 107GB un-allocated space. My pulse quickened and a tiny bead of sweat broke out on my forehead. I cursed as I looked at the cap limit setting on the MAXTOR drive as I thought about my pictures and other data.

I slept on it overnight and had a theory that the data was still there just the partition table was hosed, so I started looking into partition recovery and found your software. It sounded too good to be true. I installed and hit SCAN. Within 5 seconds it found both partitions and in joyful disbelief I mounted both drives and saw all my data.

I bought the PRO version. It's some of the best money I've ever spent. I am in the process of copying all my data to my linux box and plan to setup a nightly backup job to keep my data backed up.

You saved me and the pictures of my kids. How can I thank you enough??”

David C

“Great little program and awesome service. Very happy with the results and have already recommended this to a few of my friends with the same issues. Keep up the great work and support.”


“My harddrive with all of my personal photos crashed on me and I tried several trial versions of recovery software that cost anywhere from 50-300 dollars for full functionality... nothing worked. Finally I found find and mount and in about two hours I had recovered all of my photos with ease. Thanks!”

Jeff Garnett

“Great software from great person(s)! You save my life! I...don't have words to thank you enough!”


“I had a 40GB hard disk with four partitions, due to some reason most valuable data partition got lost, I tried so many methods & tools but no success, finaly I got this Find and Mount solved my issue...Great...”


“I just wanted to thank you for this great software. It worked perfectly for me and I really appreciate it.”

Ken B.

“I work for a small computer shop and sometimes I have to deal with customer's data. Your software saved me a lot of hassle, it perfectly does its job. Keep up the good work! Looking forward for new releases.”

Greg W.

“Same here - my LaCie external firewire disk was unreachable after buying a new PC. And... that was supposed to be the backup. Tried 5 tools, 3 windows upgrades etcetera but only findandmout worked - quick and real easy.”

Mark Van Den Broek

“Just wanted to say, thank you so much for providing your product for free. I spent too much money and hours trying to get other software to do what yours did in minutes, for free! I was a little concerned that it might be a hoax and backed up all my existing data first and was totally relieved when I found my lost partition and was able to save my re-found data. What a relief. Please quote me and use me as a reference if you want.



“I put a new MS XP Home on the primary system drive of a home computer. That drive worked fine, but when I finished the installation I found that I had lost my second drive. 250GB. Nothing.
It broke my heart.

I thought I had lost the last 4 months where I had not backed up anything except to the secondary drive.

I had lost the pictures of our last visit to my failing mother in Florida when my son came down from Canada with my only grandchild. Also the pictures at her funeral less than a month later. The pictures of an aunt's funeral a month later. The July 4th Picnic at my old company that I retired from.

My heart was heavy!

I tried several recovery programs. One would recover only 64KB files or less in the Demo. One would recover only 1 file a day in a 30 day period. Each was slow, hours to build the image of the disk, and very clumsy, and the partitions that they recovered were incomplete and sometimes wrong.

You hit everything on the nail the first time with the Intellectual rebuild.

I gladly paid the $44 and just finished today putting everything on an external disk. Over 200GB of great and very important stuff.

Thanks again.”


“To get my files back, I tried at least 5 different data recovery software. "Partition Find and Mount" is the only one can see the partition on that problem HD and is the only one to get my files back. I'm really happy I found such a helpful product.”


“This is the first time I ever had to use this kind of software and I wasn't sure, even though easy to use, how the outcome would be. This piece of software, Find and Mount, saved an enourmous amount of files on my 120 gig hard drive. It, literally, saved my life. I am now in the process of copying and pasting all those files on another hard drive partition I created.

To conclude, I think this is the best piece of software I ever came across. Recovering files has never been easier for a novice-to-intermediate computer user like myself. This is a small yet powerful tool to have. I highly recommend this program to everyone. Thank you for creating it.”

Robert D.

“Partition Find and Mount is wonderful. It is of high efficiency and accurate. I suppose it's importance is just 2nd to the anti-virus program.”

Stanley Chan

“You guys are awesome. After using other software that took 4 hours to complete UNSUCCESSFULLY, your software recovered two lost partitions in about 2 minutes. Keep up the good work!”


“Great job! This SW saved my time and Energy. Thank you so much for making this small but very important tool free for personal use.”


“Ran into an issue with a vdi attached to a windows box through xenserver that started showing as unallocated space. After having a small heart attack, I ran through a bunch of other tools trying to recover the partition. After an hour of messing with others I tried F&M, and was floored. Not only did it work, it found it almost instantly. I then upgraded to the Pro version for a reasonable price, and breathed a sigh of relief. TY PF&M!”

Aaron B.

“After trying out a dozen different freewares and loosing all hopes of seeing my lost partition, your tool was like an oasis in a desert. It did deliver my drive intact to the last bit and for free. I am deeply greatfull to the team.”